An august tradition of looking outwards / beyond

I just came across the most fascinating document!

Careers in Linguistics: New Horizons. Proceedings of a Conference Held in Conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America (56th, New York, NY, December 1981).
Niebuhr, Mary M., Ed.
Proceedings are presented of a conference on non-academic careers for linguists, which was co-sponsored by the Linguistic Society of America and the CUNY Ph.D. Program in Linguistics. The presentations are under two headings: (1) “What Linguists Can Do,” and (2) “What Linguists Are Doing.” The first section includes contributions by Frederick G. Mish, W. O. Baker, Frank J. Macchiarola, Tracy C. Gray, Lothar Simon and Alan Westaway. Their presentations deal with the contributions linguists may be able to make in the fields of lexicography, computers, education (non-teaching), language planning and government policy, publishing and translation. The second section includes contributions by Norma Rees, Stuart Flexner, Mark Liberman, Robbin Battison, William Labov and Marcia Farr. Their presentations focus on the fields of language disorders, lexicography, computers, business, language policy and social problems, and language research. The volume concludes with a transcript of the question and answer period. (AMH)

It gives our symposium at the upcoming LSA: Taking Linguistics Beyond Linguistics Programs and Departments a whole new context!  🙂





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