Knowledge about careers is distributed

When it comes to doing an academic research projects, students understand that finding good sources is in fact part of the research process. And it is understood that it will take a significant amount of time to find sources, narrow down the scope etc.  However, somehow when faced with the prospect of searching for a job, there seems to be an assumption that everything is going to be different somehow.  There seems to be an assumption that there exists one centralized source for information.  Just to be clear: there is no one website or list out there containing all of jobs for linguists.


Building your list will take time

In the way that the first few searches that you return when you are doing a literature search will likely not be as fruitful as those after you have found your keywords, approach the jobsearch process with the understanding that it is a process. Here also, you are looking for keywords, the right sources of information, the right events to attend, the right people to talk to. Even if the first few networking events you attend may seem to be a total waste of your time, rest assured that they are not.


These experiences will help you!


To better identify and recognize sources of information

So, the next time you are in front of a person who is a source of information, you will not take them for granted.  You might ask them to LinkIn with you, you might take notes when they talk…..


To ask the right questions

When you talk to people who are really “plugged in”ask them what their sources of information, how it is that they learn about the events that they go to.   If they were to advertise a job, where they might post it, if they go to conferences, which they might recommend to you!


And I am working on a list that I call Linguist-Friendly Organizations

This is not THE list, it is just A list of some of the organizations that have come across my radar screen.  If you know about organizations that hire linguists, please send them on to me!

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