This I know for sure (about jobsearching)!

This process is hard work.
But Lx is hard. You did not choose to study linguistics because you thought it was going to be easy, you came here because you felt called to challenge yourself. The good news is that the job search process is going to continue to present you with plenty such challenges. ☺

This process is anxiety-provoking
But just as sure as I am about that, I am equally certain that it is not going to be talking from an anxious place that gets you the job. Practice doing the following:

• Talking optimistically
You may not feel optimistic, but what would you sound like if you were? Fake it till you make it. You probably don’t realize it, but your intereviewer is probably at least if not more anxious than you are. One of the best ways to reassure them is to…..

• Talk from the POV of the employer
Talk in a way that demonstrates that you understand what their needs are as an organization. You are writing to them (interviewing with them, etc.) because you recognize that you can give them something that they really need. ShOW them by giving some examples of you in action (pocket examples)

• Talk Your Passion
Distract yourself from your own nerves by sharing something that you are passionate about (a cause, a theory, a result, an application that you see). If at all possible, while you are talking, take the opportunity to plant a visual image, and make it a good one (of you taking charge, of you solving a problem, of you recognizing the need for a linguist, etc.). They may not know why it is that they remember you, but they will likely remember you!

Spending time on Linked-In is the very best thing that I can recommend to you
LinkedIn is a great place to practice talking the three ways above. It is also a place to educate yourself about careers. It is a place to actively network, and it is the place that people are looking to find you. It returns one of the most highly for google, Moreso than google+, Facebook,,

Concretize it. I ask that you give me 15 minutes a day for your jobsearch. If you do this for 3 weeks , tell me that you don’t already begin to feel the power of your network. I can guarantee that you will have developed better ways of talking about yourself, a greater awareness of the people who you already know who are RIGHT NOW in a position to help you, and that you will have a more contret picture of where it is that you are heading, whih is the best way to get somewhere!

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