What can you do with that?

Always the second question, isn’t it? (“what can you do with a degree in linguistics?”) 🙂 I love his answer!!!

Reflections of a Tyronic Linguist

When I tell people that I’m pursing a Masters in Linguistics at Gallaudet University, after first asking where that is (click the link here if you don’t know), they always follow up with, “But what can you do with that degree?” I’m typically asked this question by people I’ve just met for the first time, and I respond with a vague, “It’s an interdisciplinary science and applies to many different fields.”  Occasionally, family and good friends will ask and I’ll explain what I personally plan to do (language policy analysis in d/Deaf education).

Unfortunately, I rarely get the chance to really elaborate on what I plan to do and why, either because the people I’m talking to don’t actuallycare enough or because they simply aren’t prepared for a lengthy discussion and aren’t ready for a full explanation.  So I’ll tell you, lovely strangers: I plan to apply my studies…

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