Finding your lens through story

I recently wrote a blog post about finding your lens through story for the storytelling community Better Said Than Done.  And I suggest what I was wrote for those who are thinking about storytelling onstage is just as relevant to stories that you tell as part of your job search.  I welcome your thoughts about it:

Storytelling is about finding your lens: figuring out how your way of looking at the world is unique. And while this may seem obvious, it is a tremendously challenging and time-consuming process! Finding your lens can be elusive, because it is really hard to know how your way of looking at the world is unique – after all, it is how you understand and experience the world!!! It is hard to hear yourself as others hear you – but have you ever felt yourself being utterly transported into someone else world when they tell you a story that is so richly infused with their ways of understanding? It is intoxicating, and this is one of the main reasons why I find storytelling to be so valuable.

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