Some reflections on enough (doing, being, and having it)

Recently, I have been meditating on the idea of “enough” ….doing, being, and having it. In the job search, this question often comes up in the context of experience, and feeling perhaps like we may not have enough of it (or at least enough of the right kind).   When this question has come up in the “What Can You Do?” workshop, I have always answered “you can only be where you are in your jobsearch.” But as I am now realizing, this is only half of the answer:

The whole answer:
“You can only be where you are…. AND that is enough!!”

If you feel called to apply for a job, your task as applicant is to describe your experience as fully and completely as you can. You simply do not have time or energy for worrying about enough. Let your would-be interviewers decide!

Enough is central

And the more I think about it, the more I realize that this question of enough is actually central to the transition from student to professional. In writing a paper, you are trained as a student to ask yourself: “Have I used enough sources? Is this enough data? Have I included enough of the ideas from our readings and class discussion? Have I edited enough?” or when giving a presentation? “did I make enough eye contact? Did I do a good enough job of showing why and how this work is significant?” The question of enough is often the basis of your professors’ evaluation of your progress, and thus becomes shared vocabulary for tracking development.

But when you move beyond school, it is will increasingly be you who gets to decide about enough. On the job, you negotiate with your colleagues and supervisors and clients what your shared understanding of “enough” looks like. Striking work/life balance requires a strong sense of “enough.”

You are enough!

Can you view your application process as an opportunity to practice deciding that you are enough?  That you have enough (experience), that you do enough, and that you are enough?  What would that look like?  How would you write that cover letter?

And I am feeling a bit *meta* today as blogger, and so have decided that this is enough about enough from me!  I welcome your thoughts 🙂

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