The most popular WaLK (what a linguist knows) posts of 2014

Thought I would start the new year by reflecting back on the most popular posts of 2014.

Here are the top five in increasing order of their popularity:

#5 Some reflections on enough: doing, being and having it

Recently, I have been meditating on the idea of “enough” ….doing, being, and having it. In the job search, this question often comes up in the context of experience, and feeling perhaps like we may not have enough of it (or at least enough of the right kind). When this question has come up in the “What Can You Do?” workshop, I have always answered “you can only be where you are in your jobsearch.” But as I am now realizing, this is only half of the answer click here to read the full post

#4 My hour a week on LinkedIn

When I tell people that I schedule an hour a week on my calendar for LinkedIn, they often assume that this is to force me to remember to spend some time on the site, but really it is because I would love to spend much MUCH more time there, and so I schedule an hour to remind myself to be mindful to really maximize the time that I can invest! click here to read the full post

#3 Planning to remember my conversation with Charlotte Linde

Charlotte’s specialization is in narrative and institutional memory, and at NASA, some of her recent work tackles how moon and Mars spaceship planning teams “preserve and use representations of the past to guide present and future actions.” click here to read the full post

#2 It’s All about skills!
In applying for jobs, it is all about skills.

Creating the job that you want means recognizing the skills that you possess and figuring out ways to use them in contexts that make you happy. Getting the job that you want will be all about communicating this awareness (with enthusiasm) in texts like cover letters. click here to read the full post

#1 What Can you Do With a degree in Linguistics!
My most favorite presentation!

All of you who are doing things with linguistics, let us know what you are up to so that I can continue sharing your stories! click here to view the presentation

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