LinkedIn for Versatile PhDs!

I gave this workshop last week to the DC (and Boston) meet-up groups of Versatile PhD.  A good time (and lots of linking) was had by all!!

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and is fast becoming one of the most important ways to connect with employers, partners, mentors, former colleagues, employees, subject matter experts and clients.  Thus, the communication which takes place here (or which could, but doesn’t) is tremendously valuable and important to understand.

In this hands-on workshop Dr. Anna Marie Trester will share some expert insights from sociolinguistics that will help you make the most of social interaction in this context. She will focus on three aspects of interaction on LinkedIn:

  • Professional self-presentation (with focus on your profile)
  • Connecting (with focus on invitations)
  • Doing things (with focus on research)

Participants in the workshop will be able to immediately put what they learn to practice, and will have the opportunity to get real-time feedback.

Bring your laptops, come gain greater insight and awareness of communication online, which you can bring to your use of this and other social media platforms! 

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