Ask an HR expert

SO GREAT to hear about the job search from the other side of the table!!

Insights about crafting resumes, negotiating salary, translating academic experience, internships and more – very valuable!  One thing that I thought was particularly useful was to break down what we mean when we say something like “communication” on a resume.  There are many aspects of communication and many ways that one might be involved in facilitating it, for example as part of a distributed work team, where communicating can involve many decisions about what medium to use (and why), how to thoughtfully structure interactions that are informed by reflection about who has access to what information, when, and how that will shape their understanding and processing of new information.

My favorite quote “you can make up for experience with skills”

Takeaways for career-minded linguists is to think about a job opening as a problem that needs to be solved.  What skills do you bring to solve it?

Thank you Catherine Mabrey, Graduate Career Strategist and her colleagues at McMaster University 🙂

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