job posting: Communications Expert and Editor

Job Description: Communications Expert and Editor

(Assistant/Associate Director, Interpretation)

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The FrameWorks Institute — a nonprofit think tank that designs, conducts, interprets and explains communications research to advance the resolution of social problems — seeks a skilled communicator to: contribute to the interpretation of findings from its iterative, multi- method research process; ensure fidelity in the translation of research-to-practice; create a wide array of multimedia products, working with both staff and external vendors; innovate products and resources designed for fields of practice; and participate in its intellectual life.

This position supports the translational functions of FrameWorks’ Interpretation Unit, working with researchers and training staff to ensure that findings are clear, concise, accessible and actionable within the suite of products FrameWorks has developed. In this role, the Associate/Assistant Director will interact with and review work created by researchers, learning specialists and other interpreters. They will also create interpretive documents, including MessageMemos and Creative Briefs. They will supervise a division of digital media associates in the development of applied tools. They will edit reports and discuss options for presenting evidence with senior researchers. They will interact with funders and participate in workshops and other venues requiring strong presentation skills. The ability to understand the needs of, and work constructively with, Ph.D.-level researchers, funders and front-line advocates is central to the success of this position.

A key aspect of this position is its responsibility for organizing the flow of products from the Research Unit to the Learning Unit, creating and monitoring timelines to ensure that deadlines are met and that research findings are clearly enunciated throughout the process. Excellent organizational skills are required.


  • Advanced degree required.
  • Demonstrable evidence of strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Excellent analytic and writing and organizational skills.
  • Evidence of supervisory, directive or collaborative role in creating products.
  • Some experience with applied research.
  • Professional, enthusiastic, hard-working and “can do” attitude.
  • Capable of independently managing time and the tasks associated with a fast-paced research agenda.
  • Strong organizational skills.


  • Review findings from research as they emerge, and work with FrameWorks staff to ensure appropriate translation for sponsored products.
  • Edit research reports; edit and/or write interpretive documents such as MessageMemos and Creative Briefs.
  • Write public-facing texts for FrameWorks’ website, blogposts, announcements, etc., and organize announcements of new work.
  • Work with the Public Presentation Division to ensure that interpretive products are well conceptualized and scripted, and reflect both specific research findings and the SFA approach.
  • Work with Project and Office Manager to create workable plans for the process of research-to-action grants shared across FrameWorks’ divisions.
  • Monitor progress on workplans such that delays are caught early and adjustments made across the divisions.
  • Contribute to and participate in Workshops as requested by the Learning staff.
  • Participate in meetings with funders, convey FrameWorks’ approach, create slidepresentations and proposals as requested.
  • Integrate research findings into a wide variety of application materials, working with FrameWorks Learning staff.
  • Contribute to edited volumes of FrameWorks materials, under the direction of the Director of Interpretation.
  • Participate in regular and ongoing collaborative meetings.
  • Provide appropriate support to Senior Management in orchestrating reporting out of findings and development of public-facing materials for sponsors.Salary and benefits are commensurate with experience and personnel structure of the nonprofit FrameWorks Institute. Applicants should explain the relevance of the FrameWorks position to their career goals and past experience in a cover letter. Resumé with complete employment history and education background, plus relevant analytic and writing samples, should be submitted electronically to Review of applications will begin on June 26 and continue until the search process concludes. Please note that FrameWorks is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer, which includes providing equal opportunity for minorities, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. Please also review FrameWorks’ website ( to ensure position is still available before submitting.
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