job: Long-form, International Storyteller

Publication or Company Innovations Stories
Industry Internet/Online/New Media, Magazine Publishing, Social Innovation
Job Duration Freelance
Job Location Washington, DC
Job Requirements Writers and multimedia storytellers are invited to send pitches for long-form features about an innovator or activist who is solving a problem in a developing country or emerging market.

Pitches should detail both the basic argument and the proposed narrative arc, as well as provide information as it relates to the reporting approach, the characters to be profiled, etc. Please send clips of previously published work and indicate 1) whether you will be able to report on the ground (travel compensation is not available) and 2) whether you are able to provide your own photos/video along with your piece. Multimedia storytellers may send a portfolio along with their pitch; if the pitch is accepted, we can try to match a photographer/videographer with a writer, or a staff illustrator. For freelance, we pay $.25/word for written material, a $200 flat rate for photography, and $300/minute of final cut video. Please do not send complete articles.

About Our Company Innovations Stories is searching for long-form digital storytellers who have access to stories of ground-up innovators in developing countries and emerging markets.

Innovations Stories is launching out of Innovations, a journal published by MIT Press about entrepreneurial solutions to global challenges. While Innovations is a print journal aimed at development professionals and academics, Innovations Stories will be a web-based, jargon-free, multimedia approach to publishing similar content for a more popular millennial audience.

Entrepreneurship and social innovation are trendy topics right now, and many publications are running content about entrepreneurs who are “saving the world.” What makes Innovations Stories different is that we are interested in human ingenuity taking place on the ground, and we cover theses stories through long-form, multimedia narrative journalism.

We’re looking for human-centric narratives that document the ways in which a local innovator is responding to problems in his or her community.

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