LinkedIn Company Pages


Using LinkedIn as a jobseeker

Company Pages on LinkedIn contain at least three sources of information that are invaluable to the jobseeker and not easily found elsewhere:

1. Who else is following the organization. It is important to know:

  • Whose radar screens have they pinged on?
  • What does this reveal about their reach?
  • How do they connect with the public?

2. Who their employees are. It is good to ask:

  • How long have they been working there?
  • What backgrounds and training do they bring with them?
  • When do they leave the organization, and where do they go?

3. How you might be connected to the organization. Be ready to answer:

  • How is your work and training relevant to their mission?
  • Who you know who works/has worked there?
  • How are you similar or different from their typical hire?

And because this last bit of information is tremendously valuable for a jobseeker, you are incentivized as a user on the platform to continually update your network by adding connections, so that you can discover more and more “ins” available to you.

If you are actively wanting to network your way into the organization, see what groups they are a part of, what events they might be attending.

If you are preparing for a job interview, see if you can find your interviewers on LinkedIn. What can you learn about talking about your experience based on how they present theirs?

Do you know any of the other people following the organization?  Who else do they follow?  Maybe there are some organizations there for you to learn about!

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