Internship: Latino Affairs

Job Posting: Intern at the Office of Latino Affairs (Washington, DC)

Executive Office of the Mayor, Office on Latino Affairs,

Language Access and Advocacy Program – FY 2016

Position: Intern: One full time/part time position

  • Duration: September – December 2015 (Fall Semester)
  • Compensation: The internship is unpaid

OLA Program: Language Access and Advocacy Program

Reports To: Language Access and Advocacy Coordinator

The Language Access program is seeking a student intern to work with the Language Access and Advocacy program in providing technical support to the 39 agencies named under the DC Language

Access Act of 2004. The intern will focus on language access related work and language access issues affecting the DC Latino population. Candidates will also support programmatic initiatives on issues of language access for the local Latino population. The ideal candidate is bilingual (English/Spanish). This position is available immediately.

Primary Responsibilities:

 Participate in and report on ethnographic observations of customer service environments and agency frontline centers in order to produce recommendations for enhanced implementation of the Language Access Law.

 Assistance with research and analysis for the final assessment report for the observations done at the agencies’ sites.

 Assistance with research and upkeep of information in areas such as:

1. Identification of research on best practices for Language Access implementation policies at other sectors and/or jurisdictions

2. Compilation of national and local statistics on Latinos useful for the Language Access Law implementation.

3. Identification of language access-related issues affecting the Latino migrant community living in the Washington, DC area.

4. Support with information sessions on Language Access to the general public to increase awareness of the Language Access Act.

5. Support with at least one programmatic initiative on issues of Language Access for the local Latino population.

 Open to senior-level college and graduate students from the fields of linguistics (interactional sociolinguistics), anthropology, communications, sociology, and/or related studies.

 Candidates must have a strong interest in working with issues affecting migrant communities in general, and the Latino population in particular.

 Strong organizational and time management skills.

 Proven ability to communicate effectively in English and Spanish, and superior verbal communication skills.

 Self -starter, problem solver, and able to set priorities when working individually or in a team.

 Graphic Design, Web Design, Video Editing, and experience working with Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and other Adobe Creative Suite programs.

If interested, please send resume and cover letter to:

Dr. Cecilia Castillo Ayometzi, Language Access and Advocacy Coordinator Executive Office of the Mayor Office on Latino Affairs 2000 14th Street, NW 2nd Floor Washington, DC 20009

Or respond by e-mail to:

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