TBT: Career Education for Linguists

Back to school time seems like a great time to make some time for thinking about your career!  What are you doing to educate yourself about what’s next?

Here’s the post: Career Education for Linguists that inspired the throw-back!  It features ideas about professional associations to join, resources to subscribe to.

Some additional ideas:

if you have not read all of them, follow this blog’s series on Career Paths for Linguists.

Career Education blogs to follow:
Job profiles on All Things Linguistic
follow the linguistics jobs series on Superlinguo
check out the week in the life series on PhDs at Work
read the “transition Q&A” series on PhD to Life
Tammy Bjelland’s the Business of Language resources (including blog and podcast)
Beyond Academia  regularly features information about interesting career paths shares job ideas and resources

Some things you can do right now:
view the career panel from the Linguistics Society of America meeting in 2015
Watch my video about 10 things you can do this week to jump start your career
think about making an hour a week for LinkedIn

other ideas?  We would love to hear them!
Tweet @careerlinguist using the hastag #jobs4linguists

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