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Job Posting: Research Associate at Harder+Company, San Francisco

Who we are:  Harder+Company helps nonprofits, public agencies, and foundations to pursue their missions through high-quality research and consulting services. We provide data-driven analysis to help organizations understand the results of their programs and initiatives—and translate that data into actionable improvements. Our expertise spans a wide range of social impact areas, such as healthcare, social services, community development, educational achievement, arts and culture, and violence prevention. Consulting services provided by our firm include program evaluation, strategic planning, community engagement, and nonprofit capacity-building. For more information about our firm, visit our website:

How we do our work: We engage our clients as partners in an ongoing process of programmatic and organizational learning. Whether it is a needs assessment, evaluation, or a planning process, we work closely with our partners to ensure that our approaches meet their needs as well as the needs of their stakeholders. We strive to develop an engaging, dynamic process with our clients to make certain that organizational learning is achieved throughout the project by regular, ongoing, and practical feedback. This allows our clients to make midcourse adjustments and encourages them to be partners in the change process both for their organization and the communities they serve. This transfer of knowledge also encourages clients to begin the critical process of organizational reflection and skill-building. We uphold the highest level of rigor possible within a project and at the same time we make adjustments to research designs, tools, and approaches to ensure that our work is accessible, culturally responsive, and meaningful given real-world resource and timeline constraints. Our clients see our research, evaluation, and planning as an opportunity to improve and leverage new information to strengthen programs and create lasting systems change.

At Harder+Company, we know firsthand that diversity encompasses a broad range of cultures and lived experiences. For the last decade, we have formalized our work on this front through an internal Culturally Based Consulting (CBC) workgroup. CBC draws on the insights and expertise of our own diverse staff, and provides both general guidance for working in diverse communities and targeted support for individual projects. CBC reflects our ongoing learning and awareness of our own cultures, as well as the cultures of the many stakeholders and communities we interact with, to promote genuine and respectful collaboration—in turn producing quality, accessible, and practical products that help our clients advance social change.

Who we are looking for: You are interested in services and projects that address the needs of vulnerable populations and are able to manage and juggle multiple content areas. Through either personal experience in a social service organization or your close partnerships with nonprofits, you understand the complexities, difficulties, and challenges of providing social services. Those you have worked for say that you are supremely adept at developing professional relationships and working in teams—able to leave your ego behind to ensure that the project is successful. You are able to hear what your client needs and transform that into a creative, workable plan that strengthens client understanding of their own processes and programs. Your communication is clear, accessible, and understandable to those without the same technical experience. You are prepared to negotiate challenging personalities, complex politics, and above all, remain cool and collected. You are able to anticipate challenges and propose solutions that ensure project goals are met. You have a keen attention to detail and can provide constructive feedback that promotes growth in your team.  You look for innovation and opportunities to leverage knowledge both for your own project and for your colleagues.

Specifically, we seek to hire a Research Associate whose roles will include:

Evaluation design, planning, and implementation

  • Consult on evaluation design elements
  • Develop and implement process and outcome evaluations

Project management

  • Manage diverse projects, scopes of work, and budgets
  • Coordinate and facilitate internal teams
  • Oversee and participate in the report production processes

Client communications

  • Attend and facilitate regular client meetings
  • Provide evaluation consultation and technical assistance to clients

Skills you bring:

You draw upon a diverse set of skills and experiences in evaluation design, project management, and client communications, including:

  • A Masters degree or higher in public health, childhood development, education, anthropology, sociology, psychology, social work/child welfare, evaluation, public policy, or other related field
  • Experience managing large scale, multi-faceted projects
  • Preferred experience in the areas of early learning, mental health, post-secondary education, or philanthropy
  • Ability to maintain positive and professional interactions with clients, peers and funded agencies
  • Broad methodological “toolkit” including creative approaches to qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis
  • Significant coursework and/or experience in quantitative analysis skills and knowledge of SPSS, Stata, or other statistical analysis software
  • Clean, merge, and restructure large datasets
  • Run basic and advanced analysis and assess and test data assumptions in primary and secondary datasets
  • Develop data analysis plans given data limitations, higher level analytic skills
  • Ability to translate findings for both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Experience with databases, mapping software (ArcGIS), social network analysis, or innovation data visualization techniques are a plus.
  • Cultural humility and a proven track record of implementing qualitative and/or quantitative forms of data collection with linguistically and/or culturally diverse populations
  • Experience working with underserved communities and at risk populations
  • Outstanding writing and communication skills and ability to communicate with stakeholders at all levels
  • Ability to anticipate challenges and identify appropriate solutions
  • Ability to manage a team composed of other Research Associates and Research Assistants
  • Spanish language fluency (written and spoken) or other non-English language fluency preferred

Typical physical demands include:

  • Working on a computer for 6 hours, on average, each day
  • Lifting and moving documents and supplies
  • Bending to file and retrieve documents
  • Some travel (client meetings and data collection sites)

This position will be based in Harder+Company’s San Francisco office and will report to the Vice President. Medical, dental, vacation, holiday, and 401k provided. This position is full time with an annual starting salary of $60,000 to $75,000 commensurate with experience. Harder+Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).  Qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status.

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