Join the Lx Beyond Academia SIG

Now is the time!!!

The “Linguistics Beyond Academia” SIG is planning many exciting events at the upcoming 2016 annual meeting of the Linguistic Society of America.

Detailed program coming very soon, but over the course of the conference Jan 7-10th, we are organizing/helping to organize:a networking mixer, a salon, 2 career panels, and one-on-one professional mentoring for grad students.

Goals of the SIG:

  • Promoting the inclusion of linguists outside traditional academic and faculty career paths into the activities and programming organized by the Linguistic Society of America.
  • Providing networking opportunities for linguists beyond academia at LSA Annual Meetings and other events.
  • Facilitating mentoring and communication between linguists working across fields and current linguistics graduate students, undergraduate students, and recent graduates.
  • Partnering with industry linguists to increase graduate and undergraduate students’ awareness of career paths and opportunities across professional fields.
  • Working to increase linguistics faculty’s awareness of professional opportunities and the role of linguistic research in non-academic contexts.

Learn more about the SIG here:

Join the Facebook group here:

The SIG speaks to the needs of three parts of the linguistics community:

  • Professionals with linguistics training
  • Linguistics students (at the graduate and undergraduate levels)
  • Linguistics faculty


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