Linguistics Career Mixer

An informal conversational context for learning about careers for linguists at the Linguistics Society of America annual meeting. Note: this is not a job fair!

The Linguistics Career Mixer (formerly Career Exploration Expo) brings together:

  • linguists who have found professional expression of their skills and training in a variety of fields — from research and consulting to writing and education
  • with linguists currently engaged in learning about next steps

An opportunity to have exploratory conversations about career!

Linguists who have found employment in a range of contexts will be on hand to talk about their work as researchers, consultants, writers, editors, trainers, managers, and language and communication specialists in government, education, business and non-profit sectors (among others). Representatives from 20+ organizations will be in attendance, including the FrameWorks Institute, Georgetown University, the Center for Applied Linguistics, and Catchword Branding just to name a few.


Because the world of work needs our skills and training, but this requires ways of talking about our skills and training in linguistics that make sense to those who we would wish to hire us. Networking is key to learning about some of the paths available, to getting feedback on our professional self-presentation, and to meeting the people who can continue to help guide and support us along the way.


We invite “career linguists” or those who have found professional expression of their skills and training in linguistics in a range of work contexts who would like to share their experiences.  These participants will be given a “career linguist” button to indicate that they have come ready to be asked questions and to share their experiences. Please RSVP here to register as a Career Linguist for the event.

We also invite linguistics students at all stages of their educational and professional development as well as professors, students, professional linguists, to ask questions.  Anyone who is interested in being radically curious about career is most welcome to participate. These participants will draw a handful of questions from a bowl at the door to start them off on the right conversational foot with a few structured ways of talking about work.

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