Top five pages and posts of 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, thought I would reflecting back on the five most viewed pages and posts of the year here on WaLK (What a Linguist Knows).

#5  Recognizing the career path you are already on

I wrote this post at the very beginning of 2015, sitting in a coffee shop in Portland, Oregon right after the LSA annual meeting last January.  That meeting was a mountaintop experience for me, and I wrote the post feeling incredibly inspired by the enthusiasm and energy of the linguists that I had spoken to over the course of those four days. Here’s to the annual meeting that is coming up in just a couple weeks!!!

#4 “Bring In” a call to professional linguists

This one I wrote while on a writing retreat this summer that I took to work on my forthcoming book in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.  This post practically wrote itself in response to an career article written for linguists in 1974 called “What color can your parachute be?”.

Oh, and speaking of professional linguists, if there are any of you in the DC area who would be willing to serve as a resource for the next generation of linguists, please consider serving as a Career Linguist at the LSA Career Networking Mixer – RSVP here

#3 50 organizations  A page that I update regularly featuring the names of 50 organizations who  have advertised for and/or have hired linguists and language/communication experts. So far, I have heard from one person who got a job by using this list as a resource.  Any more of you out there?  Please be in touch – would love to hear your story!

#2 My most popular blog post to date – “What’s Linguistics?” (This one got over a thousand page views!!    )

Wherein I reflect on the answer that we might give to this question as an opportunity to broaden understanding of our field.  I share some strategies for being ready with an answer that showcases your enthusiasm.  Who knows, you might even recruit some potential allies for the career journey ahead!  (and if you do, be sure to tell me all about it)

#1 the Career Profiles home page 

the place where we hear about all the exciting things that linguists are out there doing with their degrees.  Check out my most recent post in the series, detailing Linda Lombardi’s journey from linguistics professor to zookeeper to writer.

So those were the most viewed of 2015.

And to start the New Year off right, I am cleaning up and updating things here at Career  I have finally gotten around to writing a proper “about me” page and in response to questions that I get from you all, have added to sections to the home page – one about “Applying for Jobs” with resources about resumes, cover letters, job interviews, and of course LinkedIn.  I have also added an “About Linguistics” section, featuring my answer to “the question” as well as links to some of my favorite Lx resources.  Let me know what else you jobseekers would find useful so we can get to work on finding/making it!!!

Here’s to a professionally rich 2016!!!  and as ever: Here’s to what’s next!!

Can’t wait to hear all of your stories 🙂



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