Story finding

As a job seeker, having a pocket chock full of stories is probably the very best thing that you can do to be really ready to seize the opportunity presented by all of the conversational interactions that you are about to be engaging in!

So how do you find all of these stories?

I shared some thoughts recently in a blog post for Better Said Than Done

Three ideas from this post as they apply to the job search – pay attention to the stories that you:

HEAR (and tell) – when you listen to stories that your organization of interest is telling, what strikes you?  When you catch yourself telling stories, what do they tend to be about?  Can you observe anything about what meanings (about you, about your field, about the world of work) these seem to be conveying?

SEE – spend some time looking at your organization of interest’s website, their LinkedIn page, Twitter feed, blog, etc.  What stories are the visuals telling?  What meanings are these conveying?  How do they strike you?

WRITE – find yourself a job ad, and sit down with a pen and paper (or computer – however it is that you most enjoy doing some free-writing), and set a timer to do a session of free-associative writing.  Try 15 minutes to start.  Respond to the keywords, make lists of experiences and skills (and people, and ideas etc.) that these inspire.  Don’t judge the writing, just follow ideas where they lead.  This is my you have set the timer so that you won’t totally lose track of time.  When you are done, take a look at what you have written.  Likely there are things there that you have not thought about in a while.  Are any of these things to pay attention to?

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