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Laura Pelcher, a member of the Linguists Outside Academia community, has organized another resume workshop for our community!  We did one of these a few years ago and it was a tremendous success. Great participation, and folks expressed that they learned a great deal both by giving and receiving feedback!

To get in on the fun, head on over to Linguists Outside Academia and find the discussion thread (for reference, I have reposted her introduction below)


My name is Laura Pelcher. A quick intro to me: I hold BA in Linguistics, MA in Forensic Linguistics and currently work in criminal justice reform at a nonprofit in Brooklyn. I joined this group about 6 months ago and saw that there had been a resume/CV workshop at an earlier point. My interest was sparked and I sought to revive it. I pulled together some of the previous materials created by Anna Marie Trestler and Dave Sayer, added a few new ones and Anna Marie was kind enough to contribute new materials from her amazing work over at careerlinguist.
A more detailed introduction to the workshop can be found in the google drive folder, found here. The diversity of education, work experience and career goals found in LOA is a great resource we can all tap into. There is no cookie cutter mold that we will fit into; therefore this workshop will be shaped by those who wish to participate. It will be a moving collaborative experience of support and insight into what our resumes and CVs are saying about us. Take a look through the folder, sign up on the spreadsheet and message me with any questions! The time requirement will be kept manageable, with groups of no more than three.
Looking forward to getting to know everyone a bit better! Here it is: resume/CV workshop
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