Job posting: Consultant & Social Media UGC Analyst

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University or Organization: Treato
Department: Consulting Services
Job Location: , USA (Telecommute)
Job Title: Social Media UGC Analyst

Job Rank: Consultant; Other; Social Media UGC Analyst

Specialty Areas: Applied Linguistics; Discourse Analysis; Pragmatics; Sociolinguistics


A company that conducts discourse analyses of social media healthcare discussions among patients and caregivers is looking for master’s and PhD level linguists with academic knowledge in sociolinguistics and rhetoric to surface deep insights about patients’ experiences with their illness, treatments, physicians and identity. Applicants should have knowledge of the theories, tools and practices developed and used in discourse analysis.

Do you naturally attend to cognitive metaphors to discern relationship of speaker to object? Do you find verb tenses ripe, providing insight into how a person relates to time and why that’s important to understand their relationship to time given their context? What does a specific in-use anaphora reveal about the complex relationship between a person and their disease, their symptoms or overall experience? What are your linguistic tools for culling out agency? Who has agency? What has agency? What are the markers of interagency relationships? Are you familiar with dialogism or concepts of a speaker imagining even non-present listeners or projecting more than one type of listener? How does this help you understand the complexity of a patient’s experience?

These are the tools we use to analyze our data and we’re looking for consultants who are interested in joining a team that produces insightful reports for corporate partners in relatively short runs (~ 6 weeks). The depth of insight requires expertise and our timelines require flexibility and efficiency. Teamwork is a critical part of our approach but having the ability to work independently is also an essential attribute.

While the depth of insights are founded on academic principles, the findings must be geared towards clients who can take these insights and our recommendations into the marketplace.

Analysis is comprised of both qualitative review but also ‘coding’ data in Excel to ensure that the findings are supported by quantified findings that integrate with the qualitative insights and overall story.

Working with corpus-based software, such as concordance software, is increasingly part of our approach and familiarity with such software is a plus but not essential.

As a consulting position, this project-by-project based engagement is an opportunity to build your own consulting ‘gig’ as you work with us and other non-competitive agencies or to build a resume with the potential for a recommendation for full-time positions based on your consulting work.

Because projects must be completed in relatively short time periods, consultant’s need to have at least 25 hours per week available for the duration of a project. Applicants must be based in the US.

*Note: we are only hiring social media analysts. Please do not contact us regarding analytics or computational positions.

Application Deadline: 31-May-2016

Email Address for Applications:
Contact Information:
Sr. Dir., Consulting Services Pamela Batzel
Phone: 267.907.2124

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