upcoming career path post: Suzanne Wertheim


Very excited to announce that I am going to be interviewing Suzanne Wertheim of Worthwhile Research and Consulting for Career Linguist.  To get you all ready to hear about her exciting work about language in the workplace, thought I would share a couple of her recent appearances:


She was recently interviewed for the Nuddleman law firm blog and podcast. Click here to read/listen about her work with attorneys and how to use linguistic anthropology to improve workplace communication and interpret what people are saying and not saying.


She also recently visited Idibon, an NLP company in San Francisco.  Click  here to read more about her recent NLP research.


I am going to be talking to her about the above, also about her work in diversity and inclusion training, as well as any questions that you all may have.  Tweet questions to me @careerlinguist, and stay tuned for the write-up!!

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