Marc Okrand interview in my forthcoming book

Marc Okrand Just had a follow-up interview with Marc Okrand as part of  my forthcoming book: Bringing Linguistics to Work.

Look for the book late this Spring / early summer 2016 (and for Marc’s story in chapter One)

In the meantime, I thought I would give you a taste for his career adventures. You get a real sense for his fearless, exuberant and inspiring attitude towards opportunity in this interview, where he talks about being invited to create Klingon for Star Trek III

“Every once in a while, you’re presented with a decision in life that’s not very difficult to make, and that was one of them, I said yes!”

And here are just a couple of the exciting things that Mark is up to these days:

  • Click here to read about the talk that Marc recently gave at the harmony Institute.
  • Click here to learn about his film project Conlanging – look for it in late 2016.

Thank you Marc for always being up for the adventure – and for reminding us that opportunities are everywhere!!!

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