using Versatile PhD for networking

Thought I would share with you some thoughts from Versatile PhD founder Paula Chambers
about using the site for netwokring as there are some very useful ideas here for thinking 
about networking generally! 

Did you know that Versatile PhD can be used for networking? Basic members
and institutional subscribers both have access to the searchable Members
directory containing some 63,000 VPhD members, the vast majority of whom
are either already in post-ac careers or might be headed that way.

>    Basic members: click on Members, then Basic Search and use whatever
>    keywords you think might yield the type of person you desire.
>    Institutional members: click on Members, then the Power Search button,
>    which lets you search by multiple criteria simultaneously. Fill in the
>    search terms you desire - for example, say you’re looking for life
>    scientists working in the private sector in your city - and you will get a
>    much shorter list of better-targeted results.

In either case, once you get your results, view each person’s VPhD profile
to see if they are really on target for what you want. Search LinkedIn for
the people who interest you the most, to learn even more. Maybe they link
to their LinkedIn profile in their VPhD profile.

Once you have your short list of people you definitely want to talk to, PM
them through the site! Yes, you can reach out to your fellow VPhD members
directly through VPhD! The PM feature allows you to contact a fellow member
even when you do not have access to them thru LinkedIn. Just say you are a
fellow member, and that right there gives you enough in common with them to
reach out. This is a great way to find people for informational interviews!

Relatedly - please update your profile and add your LinkedIn profile,
especially if your status has changed since first joining VPhD. This will
help other intrepid searchers find you and get an accurate sense of your
status from your profile. You might be wanted by someone!

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