Storytelling: the best of the better

Over 1000 people voted for their favorite storyteller in Better Said Than Done’s online storyteller competition, and finalists have been selected to perform in “Best in Show” on May 28th to celebrate Better Said Than Done’s five year anniversary!

Dustin Fisher, Brent Heard, Alison Hughes, Liezel Munson, Miriam Nadel, Jack Scheer, David Supley Foxworth, Anne Thomas, Anna Marie Trester and Zach Wilks

Congratulations to the Better Said Than Done top ten. Each received a minimum of 50 votes and the top vote getter received over 300 votes.

And now there’s a party 🙂
Best in Show: 5 Year Anniversary Show and Story Contest
May 28th, 6:30PM
Doors open 5:00PM
Jammin’ Java
227 Maple Avenue East, Vienna
$15 Advance Tickets Available at

The storytellers will be telling an original, never-before-told story at this show, which is also a contest. Each audience member will cast his or her vote for their favorite story of the night to elect the winner of our 5th anniversary show. In addition to bragging rights, and a good story to take home, the 1st place winner will receive $500, 2nd place will receive $200 and 3rd place $100.

There will be door prizes for the audience as well because we like to share the love. We promise, you don’t have to tell a story to win. Just come to the show!

Jessica Robinson, storyteller and founder of Better Said Than Done, explains why she is running the competition as a popular vote contest: “The top ten performers in “Best in Show” were selected because people love their stories and want to see them perform in the show, want to see them win. I had no part in the selection and I love that. I love sitting back and watching who was voted a finalist and who will be voted as the best of the best at the show.”

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