Translating Linguistics – a webinar for jobseeking linguists hosted by the LSA

Translating Linguistics: A view from the other side of the table

what job-seeking linguists can learn from a recruiter

 A webinar for the Linguistics Society of America’s Special Interest Group – Linguistics Beyond Academia

Wed, July 27th 2016
3pm EST


Panel Discussion

Melissa Reitkopp (Executive Recruiter)
Anastasia Nylund (Program Director – MA in Language & Communication, Georgetown Univ.)
Daniel Ginsberg (Professional Fellow, American Anthropological Association)
Facilitator: Anna Marie Trester (Career Linguist and Learning Unit Manager at the FrameWorks Institute).

Melissa Reitkopp is an executive recruiter in the Washington D.C. area who specializes in professionals with advanced degrees – MS/MBA and PhD/MD. She works with social scientists, statisticians, economists, data analytic experts and market researchers doing quantitative and analytic work in a range of fields including healthcare, education, policy, business, and consulting. As part of this webinar, she makes her perspective and expertise available to linguists thinking about how to talk about transferability of our skills in applied research contexts.


This panel will be in the format of a webinar, will last approximately an hour, and will be structured as follows:


Introduction: 10 minutes

The webinar will begin with Anastasia and Daniel providing a bit of context as professionals themselves who engage with linguistics and anthropology students, graduates, and professionals through the process of career preparation, placement, and tracking.


About recruiting: 20 minutes

Then we will turn to a presentation from Melissa about the world of recruiting:  What the typical arrangement is like, what a recruiter does, how one works with a recruiter (as employer and employee), what recruiters look for when they look at application materials.


Discussion and Questions from jobseekers: 30 minutes

The last 30 minutes will be focused discussion on professional self-presentation. Linguists will be encouraged to come with questions including the skills and experience employers look for, how to read and interpret that information from job announcements, and how to describe linguistics skills and training in ways that non-linguists can understand and appreciate.


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