The WaLK signs

As a thought exercise this week on my writing retreat, I have been putting these two career images into conversation with one another: Dick Bolles’ seven petals from What Color is Your Parachute? and Karen Newhouse’s venn diagrams from Beyond the Ivory Tower:

<Yeah, it’s a career guide mash-up!!>

As I see them shake out, I am left with seven work interrogatives – questions that any jobseeker should be asking herself:

  • the WHY of the work: The problem that you seek to solve
  • the HOW of the work: Your approach
  • The WHAT of the work: The transferrable skills you bring
  • The WHO: The people with whom you want to work
  • The WHO: The people for whom you want to work
  • The WHERE: The places where you want to work
  • The WHEN: Work-life balance you seek – which ultimately comes down to the value of the work (given that time is money:) salary, benefits, lifestyle implications

I see these as your “WaLK signs” – figuring these out will help you as a jobseeker to navigate and chart your course.

For me these are now my blog prompts for the next 7 weeks – my challenge being to develop activities that will help you as a career linguist use them to inform your next steps.

Here’s to what’s next!

And, as ever, keep us posted!  🙂

Check out the whole WaLK series: the WHO (and Part I: for whom; Part II: with whom), WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW of work!!

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