job: UX Research & Content Specialist

Marketade, a small, distributed digital agency based in DC, is seeking an experienced UX researcher and designer with a background in copywriting and content to help with client projects.

Our ideal candidate is a great writer with a few years experience in UX or a closely related field who is eager to rapidly learn and expand their skillset while working with a variety of clients and projects.


  • Full time hours
  • Work remotely/from home; US-based applicants only
  • Bonus points if you live in the DC metro area
  • Strong emphasis on training, feedback and learning by doing
  • Core working hours between 10am and 4:30pm Eastern time


Fast forward 12 months.  Here’s your performance review.  

Congrats on everything you accomplished over the last 12 months.  Here are the highlights:

  1. You launched and ran a monthly usability testing program for a healthcare company, systematically testing various pages and user flows of their site. After conducting each batch of test sessions, you facilitated a 90-minute webinar with client stakeholders, using a digital whiteboard to guide participants to collaboratively reach consensus on the most important findings and opportunities. To ensure that we’re able to stick to a monthly schedule, you built out forward-thinking systems, including a 100-person research panel and a process for selecting future research topics with the client.
  2. You conducted in-depth interviews with 25 customers and customer service agents of a financial services company. You facilitated a 2-day workshop for the stakeholders and executives of the company to review the interviews and collaboratively build research-based personas and journey maps. You led an educational workshop on how to effectively use and leverage these design tools. The resulting artifacts are posted on our clients’ walls and have transformed their design process.
  3. You rewrote 30 product descriptions for an e-commerce website based on insights gleaned from interviews with customers and sales reps. You took boring, manufacturer-written copy and transformed it into useful and usable content. Your before-and-after usability tests proved this; so did the 20% jump in organic search engine traffic to these pages.
  4. You conducted a content inventory and content audit for your healthcare client. You did a great job customizing and presenting your findings and recommendations to 2 sets of stakeholders, and getting alignment. Your audit proved foundational to CMS changes, messaging revisions and workflow overhauls. You’re now training the client’s in-house content specialist to conduct rolling audits.
  5. You collaborated with your financial services client to overhaul their site’s “Learning Center”. You started by working with their communications specialist to produce a content inventory. You then worked with their creative team to build wireframes and an interactive prototype — rapidly iterating at each stage based on testing and client feedback. And your project management skills improved a ton. The new version of this section has already reduced support center calls by 30%.
  6. You redesigned the “Current Specials” page for a travel website. You teamed up with our client’s search marketer to review Google Analytics data before jumping in. You worked with their developer to understand which parts of your design would be hard to implement, and to ensure the new page would mobile-friendly. Online bookings from this page are up 12%.
  7. You restructured the information architecture (IA) for one of your healthcare client’s sites. With the help of our UX lead and the client’s marketing team, you conducted card sorts and tree tests to understand customers’ mental models and to create a user-centered site navigation and taxonomy. Lead conversions are up 20% since the new navigation went live.

Thanks for all of your hard work and contributions. You are on the fast track to success as a UX Research & Content Specialist.


Sound like a story you’d like to tell about yourself?  We’d love to hear from you.

Please do not send a cover letter. Instead, attach your resume and answer our application questions.

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