Most viewed 2016

Image result for 2016As 2016 draws to a close, reflecting back on the five most viewed pages and posts of the year here at Career Linguist.

#5  What skills are cultivated by studying linguistics?  A re-posting of some of the core skills cultivated by studying linguistics. Share your favorites using #lingustics #skills

#4 Resources for jobseekers  I pulled this page together on a writing retreat this summer in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. It is a one-stop-shop for exploring the range of career resources available here on Career Linguist.

#3 “”linguistics, animals, and writing” a post detailing Linda Lombardi’s journey from linguistics professor to zookeeper to writer. Find the series using

#2 the Career Profiles home page where we hear about all the exciting things that linguists are out there doing with their degrees. Check out the most recent post in the series, Tom Carrol, folklorist and ethnographer. Stay tuned for new posts weekly on Wednesdays. Next up: Brice Russ (communications and Science Advocacy) and Emily Pace (Knowledge Engineering).

#1 50 organizations  A resource featuring the names of 50 organizations who have advertised for and/or have hired linguists and language/communication experts. So far, I have heard from one person who got a job by using this list as a resource.  Any more of you out there?  Please be in touch – would love to hear your story!

What other organizations belong on this list? Clearly this is a useful resource given that it has been in the top 5 for the past two years – how can it continue to be made more useful?

So those were the most viewed of 2016.

Other fun recent happenings here at Career  I re-started the WaLK series (What A Linguist Knows) with a series on the work interrogatives: the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW of work.  Tom Carrol’s career path interview also follows this format. Let me know what else you jobseekers would find useful so we can get to work on finding/making it!!!

Here’s to a professionally rich 2017!!!  And as ever: Here’s to what’s next!!


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