Focus on story in 2017

20161224_114859Career Linguist has always been engaged with story. The Career Paths in Linguistics section of this site features the stories of career-oriented linguists and the professional paths they have taken, many of the resources and much of the advice and recommendations, and certainly my forthcoming book all focus on helping you tell your own professional story in interactions like job interviews and in professional genres like a cover letter.  However in 2017, I am going to adopt a more concerted focus on the professional applications of story. How can linguistic insights into story listening, finding, and telling be meaningfully applied to thinking about the world of work?

To kick this off, I will feature in the next weeks a series of posts about what precisely I mean when I say story listening, finding, and telling – but first a couple examples, featured on Sizzle and Bounce, a travel and Adventures blog from my recent cross-country road trip using a story lens to think about two organizations: a hotel chain and a local business.

Occasions for story telling at the Drury Inn
Part of this hotel chain’s uniqueness lies in how it sets up occasions for storytelling.

Story finding at Three Chicks
Stories found, heard and told about Three Chicks Feed, Seed, and Café in Texarkana, Arkansas.

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