job: GradQuant Coordinator, UC, Riverside

Just found information about a very interesting job at UC, Riverside:!Controller?action=jobs_webui.show_page&page=jobs_detail&requisition_id=201701064402&profile_id=&module=jobs

Graduate Division at the University of California, Riverside is seeking a full-time coordinator for the Graduate Quantitative Methods Center (GradQuant). GradQuant is part of the GradSuccess suite of programs which help graduate students complete their graduate degrees and prepare for future careers. The GradQuant Coordinator will manage GradQuant programming and space, ensuring that the activities meet the needs of graduate students and are within the director’s vision. The coordinator will also provide workshops and individual consultations, supervise graduate student staff, maintain records, and collaborate with other departments. The coordinator also assists in GradSuccess coordination and provides support to Graduate Division for special projects.

Preferred candidates have familiarity with statistics and/or programming and a PhD in a field which uses statistical analysis. Statistics background may include things such as correlational designs, hypothesis testing, and ANOVA as well as a familiarity with data analytic software such as R, SPSS, SAS, etc. Programming familiarity may include such things as C++, HTML, Python, Java, etc. A familiarity with qualitative methods is also a desired qualification. Candidates with a background in academic counseling or teaching are greatly encouraged to apply.

The position is full time with a salary range between $43,100-53,600 annually and full benefits.

For more information and to apply online see:!Controller?action=jobs_webui.show_page&page=jobs_detail&requisition_id=201701064402&profile_id=&module=jobs

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