Lingthusiasm podcast

I am delighted to report that two of my very favorite internet linguists Lauren Gawne and Gretchen McCulloch have teamed up to launch a podcast called Lingthusiasm.  It’s a podcast that’s enthusiastic about linguistics!!!

You can listen to it on iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Play MusicYouTube or most other podcast apps via rss.

They launched with three episodes:

  1. Speaking a common language won’t lead to world peace
  2. Pronouns: singular “they”, other languages, and solving the gay fanfiction pronoun problem
  3. A lingthusiastic review of the alien linguistics movie Arrival

and I am a little late to this party in announcing this, but that means that I also get to announce a FOURTH <!> episode 🙂  this one taking you behind-the-scenes to chronicle the drama, the Pathos of the WOTY vote – Word of the Year – at the Linguistics Society of America meeting, which happened in Austin at the beginning of this month!!

There will be episodes monthly.

You can follow Lingthusiasm on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

For more from the creators:

Lauren is on Twitter as @superlinguo and blogs at Superlinguo.
Gretchen is on Twitter as @GretchenAMcC and blogs at All Things Linguistic.

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