Worlds of Work (WoW) series: non-profit

In the Worlds of Work series, I pull together resources for jobseekers interested in learning more about a particular industry or sector. Typically, this involves curating some good sources of job listings, some things that are good to read to keep on top of industry trends, and then some sources of insight into the culture of this world.

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The Non-Profit World will hands-down be your best source of information.  They are best known as a job posting site, but they also convene events, and feature great (including multi-media) resources about.

Non-profit with Balls is a great place to get a sense for the culture of the non-profit world, including (as you may have guessed from its name – the lighter side) written by the Executive Director (ED) of a Seattle-based non-profit.

To plug into the network of state Associations and Nonprofit Allies, check out the The National Council of Non-profits

Some publications to add to your “must read” list:

The Chronicle of Philanthropy the first stop for the latest news about the nonprofit world.

The Non-profit Quarterly NPQ a good place to turn for the in-depth discussion of critical issues facing the nonprofit community.

The Stanford Social Innovation Review produced by the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society at Stanford University covers a broad range of nonprofit issues from a global perspective.

If you live near Kansas City (and even if you don’t) NP Connect (Non-profit Connect) is an excellent resource for professional development events.  Their resource link is a great place to find answers to your nonprofit questions.  Use as a training tool, or a jumping-off place for more in-depth research.



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