job: English Language Learning (ELL) Coordinator

Job description

The English Language Learning (ELL) Coordinator will be an influential voice and leader in a growing global secondary education organization. The ELL Coordinator will work with our partner school(s) to develop and implement a supplemental program that promotes student achievement, accelerates inclusion into American culture, and offers a high level of individualized service.

In addition to local operational responsibilities, this position will partner with the organization’s senior leadership team to develop replicable best practices that can be shared throughout a growing family of partner schools. The breadth of oversight and management responsibilities of this position will grow as the organization expands.

Success in this role will be demonstrated by:

  • Establishing nurturing and trusting stakeholder relationships
  • Implementing an organizational focus on delivering student outcomes and satisfaction
  • Aligning oneself and the team around a set of organizational values and standards
  • Developing collaborative relationships among staff members with partner schools


  • Works within framework of standards to plan and deliver ELL instruction for all students
  • Partners with students to establish, assess, monitor, and achieve learning goals
  • Reviews progress toward meeting benchmarks of next proficiency standard(s)
  • Designs and administers ELL formative tests which are aligned to curriculum
  • Administer twice-a-year summative tests to report growth in proficiency
  • Keep records for student profiles, including ongoing student portfolios
  • Develop a clear system of instructional interventions to share with partner school staff should students plateau in language acquisition
  • Creates appropriate learning environment: stimulating, active, safe, respectful, project-based, etc.
  • Involves students as a resource in planning, peer assistance, school operations and service
  • Helps students use a variety of technology strategies to support their learning and ensures students are proficient in navigating the systems of partner schools
  • Collaborates with core curriculum instructors to develop modified outcomes, curriculum, or interventions
  • Instructs English Language Arts for ELL
  • Regularly checks a variety of sources for instructional ideas and support
  • Coaches partner school staff in the area of sheltered instruction and best practices
  • Delivers professional development to partner school staff when needed
  • Serves as an advocate for all students and liaises with partner school staff when needed
  • Collaborates in weekly or bi-weekly meetings with ELL Director
  • Research and identify bilingual psychologists as outside resources should social/emotional needs arise that cannot be addressed by partner school personnel.


The successful candidate will be an entrepreneurial, energetic leader with a love of working with adolescents from different cultures and with different learning styles. This person will be organized and have excellent written and oral communication skills. This person must be resilient and reliable while demonstrating an ability to build a strong community culture within a global environment.

  • Minimum Master’s Degree in TESOL, applied linguistics or other related discipline.
  • Willingness to work some evenings and weekends.
  • International, multi-cultural exposure, experience working with English as a Second Language students, classroom management training a plus.
  • Working knowledge of one other language (preferably Asian) would be beneficial due to the nature of the work. Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Spanish, or Portuguese language abilities preferred.
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