Career Linguist on Public Broadcasting

I was delighted to have been interviewed today by linguist Lori Walsh today on South Dakota Public Broadcasting for her wonderful program In the Moment.

The conversation with me appears at the very end of this segment.

I worked in many of my big ideas:
adopting an improvisational mindset (the importance of curiosity)
a linguistic lens (and why linguists should have the best resumes out there)
a storytelling practice and how this approach helps you to be looking for opportunities to find, tell, and listen to stories (or how to use a job interview as a chance to learn and teach about how you work)
taking advantage of the opportunities afforded by LinkedIn
what we can do with the answer to the question “what can you do with a degree in Lx?”
why you are already on a path

Lori says that she would want to buy the book from its title alone! 🙂

Here’s to that!!

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