Announcing: Career Linguist Camp

campfire imageAnnouncing: Career Linguist Camp

If you are graduating this spring, are thinking about making a career change, or have just decided that now is a good time to take stock of your career journey (where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going) consider doing so with a community of like-minded linguists this summer. It will be a five-week series of mini-lectures, activities, and focused discussion and feedback designed to help you take your next career steps.  All sessions will be facilitated by me, Anna Marie Trester – aka Career Linguist, based on more than a decade of experience working with job-seeking and professional linguists, and informed by her recent book Bringing Linguistics to Work.

No matter where you are, this will help you prepare for what’s next! Why? Because the world (of work) needs linguists!

What this will look like:

  • Weekly, you will get a video mini-lecture and activities.
  • During the week, you will be focused on a particular career text or interaction (i.e. resume, or informational interview). Many will feature LinkedIn – hands-down the most powerful tool for career education, career exploration, and professional self-presentation!
  • On Fridays, we will gather around a virtual campfire to discuss what everyone is working on. Each participant will get a chance to share and get and give feedback and support / share ideas with their fellow campers, and ask questions.

Expected weekly commitment: 4-5 hours (or as much time as you are able to give it!)
Cost for the series: $250

No one knows better how to support you in the important work of translating what it is that we have to offer to world than a community of fellow linguist jobseekers!

for more information:

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