Bringing Linguistics to Work is now available!

After traveling a long a winding road, I am happy to finally be able to say that Bringing Linguistics to Work is now available for purchase through (in paperback – it will be making its way over to an e-version soon and eventually on over to Amazon  … but we have crossed the first threshold!!)

Order your copy here:

Linguists are trained to think in innovative and unique ways, and have a great deal to contribute to solving the problems and challenges that face our world. In short: the world (of work) needs linguists! Training in linguistics is training to think creatively, associatively, and in systems. We linguists see solutions to puzzles, we see patterns in chaos, we are not afraid of ambiguity – all of which can (and should) be brought to bear on the challenges and needs of our world. Our powerful analytical skills, knowledge and awareness of culture, systems-thinking, and problem-solving truly can and should be applied in any context.

Conveying the transferability of our skills is increasingly critical. Stories are powerful tools for doing so, but how do we identify which stories will be the most effective in job-seeking texts and interactions like resumes and informational interviews? And what is it about these stories that makes them work? As linguists, there is no reason why our stories shouldn’t be the very best ones out there!!

Bringing Linguistics to Work teaches you how to bring an improvisational mindset, a linguistic lens, and a story practice to your career and to your jobsearch.

For more information about the book, and to download a sample chapter

About Dr. Anna Marie Trester:

Anna Marie Trester is a linguist and storyteller. She is committed to helping linguists find professional expression of their work and helping the “world of work” realize just how much it is that they need linguists!

About Bringing Linguistics to Work:

Written for linguists, by a linguist, and with plenty of story examples, as well as guided instructions for crafting and adapting your own career stories, Bringing Linguistics to Work is the go-to guide for linguists in the professional world.

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