LinkedIn for Linguists recording

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform and has become one of the most important ways to connect with past, current and potential potential colleagues, collaborators, employees, employers, mentors, subject matter experts and clients.  Thus, the communication which takes place on LinkedIn is tremendously valuable for all linguists.  However, many people misunderstand or underestimate LinkedIn as a tool, and it remains underused in the linguistics community.  In this webinar, we bring a linguistic lens to the site and we bring together some linguists to talk about their experiences in using it!!

You will learn why and how to “join the conversation.”

The webinar began with a brief presentation from Anna Marie Trester (Career Linguist) with an overview of interactional practices such as sharing, connecting, referring, “following,” endorsing and discussing.  We then turned it over to focused discussion from linguists who are active users of the site: Alex Botti (WNYC) and Christopher Phipps (IBM) who shared their insights and experiences. The conversation was brilliantly facilitated by Anastasia Nylund (Georgetown University).

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