First Career Campfire July 7th!

Telling stories around the campfire

When: Our first (virtual) campfire will be Friday July 7th. Grab your spot by signing up here.

What: Learn how to use stories to orient, navigate transition & manage your career going forward! Want to know more?  Job club description

Who: The Career Linguist summer camp is for those graduating this spring, those thinking about making a career change, or anyone who has decided that now is a good time to use a story practice to take stock of where’ you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going.

Why: Because the world (of work) needs you!!

The experience will be improvisational, language-focused and story-rich, and it will get you ready to hit the ground running with your career this Fall!

A Story Practice
Find, share, refine, and learn from your stories – whether the ones you are telling in your resume, or on your LinkedIn profile; the ones you tell as part of networking or interviewing, or the stories you are being told as you are doing informational interviewing or other research as part of your career exploration – you will benefit from a story practice to better listen for, find, and tell stories that resonate!!!

Grounded in Community
Just like summer camp, the best part will be the community.  I will be keeping the group small to make sure that everyone gets lots of time to tell and get feedback on their career stories, so be sure to sign up here to grab your spot! 🙂

Hear from past Participants
This is what happy camper Caitlin Elizondo had to say about her experience:

Thinking in terms of stories was transformative for me. I’m definitely a convert to the notion of seeing the world in stories. Before Career Camp I’d been feeling stuck. I was uncomfortable and unsure about how to interact with LinkedIn. I didn’t enjoy researching organizations. This mini-course changed the way I look at those activities; when everything is a story, everything is data. Looking at data is fun, so looking at LinkedIn can be fun, too. I now feel less stressed and more productive as I explore and apply.

In the space of a month, with just a few hours of work each week, I learned as much useful information as I’ve learned in many a previous semester long class. What surprised me most about Camp was how enjoyable it was to chat with other students (campers?) each week. How can a group video chat with strangers feel like a campfire with friends? I don’t know, but I liked it! I learned from other people’s stories, and felt supported in my career journey. I highly recommend this little digital bootcamp of career narratives to linguists and nonlinguistic alike! Let Anna Marie introduce you to the wild world of stories!

Have questions? Want to know more? Reach out: Contact Career Linguist

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