Career Camp Info sessions


Interested in Career Camp, but want to know more (and perhaps experience a bit of the magic) before you sign up?  Bring all of your questions to one of the (virtual) info sessions

4/27, 2pdt / 5edt

5/1, 11am pdt / 2 pm edt

5/3, 9am pdt / noon edt

all info sessions will take place on zoom here:                      questions? Contact Career Linguist

Career Camp is five weeks of focused activities and structured feedback on the stories used in career interactions. Each week we will focus on a different story from the professional self-presentation genres (resume, “about us,” elevator pitches. etc.). Gear up for the New Year and be ready to hit the ground running with your jobsearch with a resume that blows their SOQs off, cover letters that speak to why THEY need you, and pocket examples that show the WHY of your work!


Thinking in terms of stories was transformative for me. I’m definitely a convert to the notion of seeing the world in stories. Before Career Camp I’d been feeling stuck. I was uncomfortable and unsure about how to interact with LinkedIn. I didn’t enjoy researching organizations. This mini-course changed the way I look at those activities; when everything is a story, everything is data. Looking at data is fun, so looking at LinkedIn can be fun, too. I now feel less stressed and more productive as I explore and apply.  

  • Career Camp participant

In the space of a month, with just a few hours of work each week, I learned as much useful information as I’ve learned in many a previous semester long class.  What surprised me most about Camp was how enjoyable it was to chat with other students (campers?) each week. How can a group video chat with strangers feel like a campfire with friends? I don’t know, but I liked it! I learned from other people’s stories, and felt supported in my career journey. I highly recommend this little digital bootcamp of career narratives to linguists and nonlinguistic alike!  Let Anna Marie introduce you to the wild world of stories! 

  • Career Camp participant