BLx2W Virtual book party!!

Special guest host: Jen Polk of From PhD to Life and Beyond the Professoriate!

On Friday, June 23 from 5-6pm Pacific / 8-9pm Eastern, join Career Linguist and storyteller, Dr. Anna Marie Trester, as she celebrates the release of Bringing Linguistics to Work, and shares her approach to career (improvisational, linguistic, and story) as part of the virtual launch of Bringing Linguistics to Work.

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Drawing on the metaphor of journey explored in the book, Dr. Trester has invited panelists Kathryn Ticknor, Aviad Eilam, Christopher Phipps, and Alexandra Botti (each of whom is also profiled in the book) to share how this metaphor helps them understand something about their own career journeys and processes of career navigation.  Their stories will also serve as answers to the perennial question “so what can you do with a degree in linguistics?”

Although this will be of particular interest to linguists, anyone interested in learning actionable steps to bringing a storytelling approach to their professional path should plan to attend. Bring your questions about career and questions about stories, your career stories and your questions about career stories!!! 🙂

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