Internship: New Knowledge

New Knowledge Organization Ltd. is seeking a MLIS intern for summer and fall 2017. The intern will serve NewKnowledge as the team’s information specialist, with a focus on data management and library research. This position is similar to those of an academic librarian, but embedded in social science research, along with managing institutional information repositories. The intern will work closely with the NewKnowledge team on various research and evaluation projects, and also independently on institutional projects. This is an excellent opportunity for students interested in studying informal education and writing scholarly articles. Daily activities and long-term tasks may include:

• Use a wide range of social science databases to retrieve scholarly articles in multidisciplinary fields, and provide general reference support to research staff including web searches, compiling of bibliographies, and research assistance;
• Identify and pursue open access publishing opportunities;
• Contribute to data management (e.g., establish data management protocols for new projects with project managers and other staff);
• Improve data management practices (e.g., promote efficiency and accuracy);
•Creating and monitoring online survey and focus group recruitment projects; and
• Manage and track reports and publications, including record keeping, producing metadata, and dissemination.

The intern will also be responsible for a special project of mutual choice, which may include:
• Identify an external repository for NewKnowledge’s data collections (especially qualitative);
• Develop a “portfolio” of NewKnowledge’s most representative work that can be used when approaching potential stakeholders;
• Developing a repository system for proceedings of conferences attended by NewKnowledge staff; or
• Communicating with NewKnowledge staff about information sources available to them.

The MLIS intern is also expected to help program staff as needed. This may include: data entry and analysis, managing communications with project participants, proofreading, drafting literature reviews or reports, transcribing audio recordings, and managing website updates.

The preferred candidate for this internship will have the following attributes:

• Be a current MLIS student or recent graduate of a MLIS program.
• Have excellent organizational and time management skills;
• Have excellent search skills using electronic sources, with focus on academic databases and open access sources such as A strong understanding of electronic records and information management is needed for this position.
NewKnowledge_MLIS Student Internship_Summer 2017_2017 06 19• Optional: We recommend that students applying have completed courses in Information Sources and Service (i.e., advanced training in searching scholarly databases and other reference sources), as well as Records Management (i.e., training in contemporary approaches to records and information lifecycles) prior to this internship. Alternatively, candidates may be enrolled in these courses at the time of the internship.

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