How PhDs Can Use LinkedIn Effectively During a Job Search

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Live event with 7-day video replay.

Many PhDs misunderstand or underestimate LinkedIn as a tool, and thus it remains underused and underutilized. In this webinar, Dr. Anna Marie Trester will show you the value of “joining the conversation.”

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform and has become one of the most important ways to connect with past, current and potential colleagues, collaborators, employees, employers, mentors, subject matter experts and clients. The interactions which take place here are tremendously valuable to all professionals.

The webinar will begin with a brief overview of Dr. Trester’s approach to LinkedIn, including how it benefits the user to think about this platform as a tool for “courting good randomness and serendipity.” We will then go through an interactional model for using LinkedIn that explores the various activities involved in interacting on the site, including presenting yourself on your profile, using the site to do things (i.e. research), and connecting to other users. We will then talk through some examples, leaving plenty of time for Q&A and discussion, so bring lots of questions and ideas!

Note: This presentation will focus primarily on individual use of the site (not organizational or group pages), and use of features like JYMBE (jobs you may be interested in), the newsfeed, and search.

Presenter: Anna Marie Trester, PhD | Career Linguist

Hosted by Jennifer Polk, PhD | Beyond the Professoriate

Anna Marie Trester is a linguist and storyteller, and the author of the just-published Bringing Linguitics to Work: A Story Listening, Story Finding, and Story Telling Approach to Your Career. She is committed to helping linguists find professional expression of their work and to helping the “world of work” realize just how much it is that they need linguists! Reach out if you want to think more about how you portray yourself in your career storytelling! Find her online at Career Linguist, tweet her @CareerLinguist, and connected with her on LinkedIn.

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