World of Work (WoW): User Experience

Took this July 4th as a professional development opportunity by taking an online course about User Experience (UX) on LinkedIn: This course explores the three worlds of work in UX: Design, Research, and Strategy.  The course explores such roles and resposbibilities involved in this work as Interaction design, Information Architecture, Visual design, Information design, Technical Communication, Service design, Evaluation, User Research, Accessibility, Human Factors and Ergonomics, UX strategy, Content strategy, and Customer experience (CX).

For more resources, check out:
the UX Careers Handbook
The Usability People

Hear from linguists who do UX work by looking at the Career Paths section right here on career linguist, featuring profiles of: Tamara Hale and Nancy Frishberg. You can also check out SuperLinguo’s interview with UX researcher Abby Bajuniemi.

You can also read Nancy’s blog and check out the book Handbook of Usability Testing: How to Plan, Design, and Conduct Effective Tests, 2nd Edition and associated web resources created by Nancy’s colleague Dana Chisnell at:

Wanna Get Inspired?

Watch Ideo’s David Kelly give a TED talk about human centered design

Find jobs in UX on these boards:

UX jobs board
UX jobs 24/7
UX switch

Get invovled!

Look for the hashtag #UX on Twitter
Attend a conference or event
Read more about the state of the field on UX Design.CC

I am actively researching this (and other) worlds of work!  If you have experiences and stories  to share, I am all ears!  Find me on twitter @careerlinguist or fill out my Contact Form.


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