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fire2-01Earlier in May, I ran a beta version of Career Camp to get a better sense of what participants were looking for – what they thought Career Camp would be before going into it. Then, at the end of the series, I sat down and had a conversation with participants to see what Career Camp ended up actually being for them, and what they felt they had learned by the end. Here’s what I learned:

What was Expected:

A chance to hear from others in the same boat

Career Camp offers the opportunity to get feedback from a wider community, a community made up of people in a similar situation. Whether you’re actively job searching, trying to make sense of your career path so far, or simply thinking about where you want your career journey to take you next, the weekly campfire is a place to share thoughts, concerns, and questions and get feedback from others in the same boat.

Help in crafting language to describe job-related goals

Career Camp isn’t just for linguists, but for anyone interested in learning how and why stories are a powerful tool for sharing information about yourself. By studying how stories are used in professional contexts like company websites and job posts, you’ll start seeing them as artifacts that give clues about a company’s culture and goals, and the kinds of people they’re looking to hire.

[By reviewing company websites and LinkedIn profiles, you get] “A deeper understanding of the subtle communication…going on between a company and a potential employee”

— Career Camp Betatester

What Career Camp Actually Was:

A community with a wide range of experience

Whatever your background or current situation, your experience and insights are valuable to others. Every weekly campfire call is an opportunity to share what you’ve discovered by working on the exercises, and getting supportive and constructive feedback from others in the same position.

Guidance that is inviting and respectful

The campfire calls are hosted by Anna Marie, who invites each participant to share what they’ve discovered through the weekly exercises and offer their comments and suggestions to their fellow career campers. Anna Marie makes sure everyone has a chance to be heard every week, and encourages participants to discuss both the positives and negatives of what they’ve learned.

Exercises that help you think about stories and language as deliberate choices that do something

The exercises are designed to get you thinking about how language is working on you, so you can use it to work for you. By analyzing and discussing company websites, LinkedIn profiles, and job postings, you learn how word choice and storytelling provide insights into company cultures and professional identity. For example, one camper didn’t know why she was reluctant to apply to a job post that, at first, seemed right up her alley. After analyzing the post for one of the exercises, she realized that the language in the post was clueing her into the company’s expectations for their new hire and making her question whether she would be a good fit.

[The first exercise]“taught me to look at a website with different eyes…to parse out the words a little bit more carefully and to step back”

–Career Camp Betatester

Once you’re aware of the effect of these stories on you as a reader, you can begin to use what you’ve learned to craft language that tells the story you want to tell.

What I Got Out of Career Camp

A new way of talking about who you are and what you’re looking for

“When you’re introducing yourselves to a new environment with other people this is a very good networking skill to be able to have a pocket story…or to be able to have something that encapsulates you as you are, not just ‘this is what I do’ ‘cause that’s what people are so used to hearing, but ‘this is who I am in terms of what I do.’”

— Career Camp Betatester

Research skills that can be applied to many different situations

Telling stories around the campfire

“Learning how to communicate better, how to market yourself, how to communicate who you are as a person, or if you’re looking for a job, or looking for opportunities or even if just want to…meet more people out in the world, here are some potential skills you could learn to help you…do some research in advance”

— Career Camp Betatester

……and it’s not too late to join!!  Grab your spot at the sampfire by signing up here

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