Stories around the campfire series

We have been having so much fun fire-01.pngtelling stories around the campfire as part of career camp that I didn’t want the fun to end!

To that end, I am very pleased to announce a new campfire series on Career Linguist: Storytelling around the campfire!

Join us weekly on Fridays at 1pmPDT/4pm EDT:

Because we experience our careers as the job(s) we are doing now, these conversations engage this career / job duality using story as a navigational tool. Our storytellers will be invited to share their career journies by providing details about the who, what, when, where, why, and how of particular jobs.


The campfire will be an open space for linguists to gather and share career stories. The series will launch in September  – on Friday September 1st – with Abby Baumjani who works in user experience and was recently profiled on Superlinguo.

Other confirmed storytellers are Serena Williams, and Nick Gaylord.  Do you have a story to share?  Know someone who does?  Please get in touch!!

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….and here’s to what’s next!!



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