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Below is Part III of the interview with Serena Pasqualetto.
Click here for Part I and here for Part II.  In this post, she talks about career navigation and her thoughts about the future of her field: advice for those who would wish to travel this path.


How have you chosen which opportunities to pursue when?

I guess I was in the right place at the right time. The company I work for was looking for fresh graduates to train in the area of web marketing, and I was lucky enough to have a great mentor who taught me everything. I then worked hard to learn as much as I can, whilst the agency was growing outstandingly rapidly for an Italian company. I’ve had so many opportunities while there, including visiting the Google HQs in Mountain View, California and lecturing at university.

Can you give an example of a skill or ability that you have used to show an employer how you would be suited to the tasks/duties/responsibilities of the job?

I think that being eager to learn is a quality that you should be proud to show an employer. It is valued a lot nowadays, as well as flexibility. Your mind should be flexible enough to accommodate new knowledge every day, and use it to solve problems or find new ways to improve the existing situation.

What aspects of your previous experience have been most broadly applicable professionally?

In my specific case, having worked in communications and brand identity/awareness helped me be prepared for what comes next in a sales process: making your target audience perform certain actions like buying, for instance. With search marketing you can obtain immediate results in terms of conversions, but in most cases you are reaping the benefits of a previous brand awareness activity.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to create opportunities for themselves in your field?

The most effective way to make it into search marketing is to get lots of practice. Although there are many courses and qualifications you can get out there, nothing will replace real work practice with real projects. Also, another quality you will want to develop is being able to independently find solutions to problems and the Internet is full of resources for this.

What emerging trends do you see in your field/ changes that will impact this work in future?

In more general terms, I think search marketers will have to be reactive to the always evolving search habits of users worldwide. They are already asked to meet the users’ needs throughout their entire customer journey: it will always be important to be there at the right time with the right message. Furthermore, search marketing will be more powerful thanks to a better integration with data analytics, and it will be more and more possible to address individual people rather than users (which are currently identified via cookies). This means for us researching new ways to effectively reaching out to these prospective customers.

On the linguistic side, I believe – and hope – that this type of career will be chosen also by translators and localization experts. I do see a lot of potential in the combination of these two types of professionalisms.

Finally, a note on networking.

Networking is a fundamental part of anyone working in the Digital world. As this work sector includes many different specializations, you will surely need to build a professional network of experts to consult whenever needed. In addition to this, as a digital marketer you need to be always updated on new features and releases, which is why you will find a lot of communities and useful resources online (check out,,

Thank you Serena for this fascinating look into the world of digital marketing!  Want to read more about her journey?  Click here for Part I where she gives more detail about her current role and here for Part II of the interview with Serena, where she talks a bit about how she got there.


Serena Pasqualetto is a digital marketer, linguist and freelance language trainer. She landed the digital marketing world after an M.A. in Language Sciences from the University of Venice. She has a 4-year experience in search engine marketing at a leading Italian e-commerce agency and a 2-year experience in copywriting and communications. She also collaborates with the University of Padua as a digital analytics and digital marketing lecturer. Serena is passionate about foreign languages and the use of linguistics to make global search marketing more effective. Find her on LinkedIn

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