Stories around the campfire series

The Stories around the Campfire series starts September 1st (aka tomorrow) at 1pm PDT / 4pm EDT!!

Linguists are bringing their skills and training to address the challenges of our time – tune in weekly to the Career Campfire to hear folks talk about what pressing questions they address in their work  and where they see opportunities for linguists.   Come prepared to wax philosophical!!!

Join us on zoom here:

September’s schedule:

September 1 – Abby Bajuniemi: Research, Design, Strategist, Speaker, and Linguist (recently profiled on Superlinguo)

September 8 – Nick Gaylord: Data Scientist (see his blog at PhDeli)

September 16 – Greg Bennett: UX Researcher (find him on LinkedIn)

September 22 – Kathryn Ticknor: Linguistics Researcher focused on Health (find her on Twitter at @ticktalkco )

September 29 – Serena Williams: Localization, Data Quality manager at Avantpage