Blx2W book party in Tucson Oct 1

On Sun, Oct 1 from 3-5 pm join 1930443_47988515800_9090_nCareer Linguist and storyteller, Dr. Anna Marie Trester, as she celebrates the release of Bringing Linguistics to Work, and shares her approach to career (improvisational, linguistic, and story) as part of the Tucson launch of Bringing Linguistics to Work.

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Civano Coffee House pic

This party is being held at the very cafe where Anna wrote giant chunks of this book!!

As professional challenges increasingly demand creativity in problem-solving, systems-thinking, perspective-taking, listening, and cross-cultural understanding, the world of work needs linguists now more than ever! And the ability to convey the transferrability of the skills cultivated by the study of linguistics becomes increasingly critical. Stories are powerful tools for doing so, but how do we identify which stories will be the most effective in job-seeking texts and interactions like resumes and informational interviews? And what is it about these stories that makes them work? As linguists, there is no reason why our stories shouldn’t be the very best ones out there!!Civano toast

Although this will be of particular interest to linguists, anyone interested in learning actionable steps to bringing a storytelling approach to their professional path should plan to attend.

Can’t make it to this one?
Check out a recording of the virtual book party here. If you would like for Career Linguist to come to your town to talk about the book, reach out!!  Contact Career Linguist

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