Career Camp – Fall 2017

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or to learn more, attend one of the Career Camp info sessions: 9/27 @ 4pdt / 7edt; 10/17 @ 2pdt / 5edt;  11/ 3 @ 1pdt / 4edt

No matter where you are in your career journey, Career Camp will help you prepare for what’s next!  


Thinking in terms of stories was transformative for me. I’m definitely a convert to the notion of seeing the world in stories.  Before Career Camp I’d been feeling stuck. I was uncomfortable and unsure about how to interact with LinkedIn. I didn’t enjoy researching organizations. This mini-course changed the way I look at those activities; when everything is a story, everything is data. Looking at data is fun, so looking at LinkedIn can be fun, too. I now feel less stressed and more productive as I explore and apply.  

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In the space of a month, with just a few hours of work each week, I learned as much useful information as I’ve learned in many a previous semester long class.  What surprised me most about Camp was how enjoyable it was to chat with other students (campers?) each week. How can a group video chat with strangers feel like a campfire with friends? I don’t know, but I liked it! I learned from other people’s stories, and felt supported in my career journey. I highly recommend this little digital bootcamp of career narratives to linguists and nonlinguistic alike!  Let Anna Marie introduce you to the wild world of stories! 

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